iTween, LeanTween, DOTween

It’s almost ready. After almost 2 months of development, the new game should come out soon.

The original idea given to me was: “make a game about monsters hiding in the forest”. Although a simple idea, it takes a lot for it to work behind the scenes.

But how to make the characters move around the forest? I’ve made several AI’s before, but in this case all I needed was to make was characters follow a path. So why not use a Tweener to make all the dirty work for me?

This is the first project I have used third party Tweeners, I tested the most popuplar: iTween, LeanTween and DOTween. And the resulst were the following:

  • iTween: great usability and documentation. Easiest to use from all tweeners. I was able to set up a perfect rounded path and smooth movement speed with it. However, on the bad side, it generated around 30kb GC each frame, which makes it not viable for a mobile game.
  • LeanTween: after discarding iTween  I tested this one. On this one no GC problems. The documentation didn’t help much and the examples were really hard to replicate. It required me to calculate paths on my own instead of giving them to the tweener. I wasn’t able to get it to work as I wanted, so I skipped this one.
  • DOTween: no GC issues. Bad documentation, in my opinion, due to the lack of term search on it (it’s nice they made a beautiful documentation page, with expandable/hidden sections, but that only gets in the way when I need to find something fast) also due to the poor use and lack of name for methods. I was not able to create the path as good as in iTween, but I ended up choosing this one over, due to good performance and lots of useful methods.

DOTween path drawn in red lines.

After using tweener for the paths I also ended up using it for other things, such as sound fade, objects scaling, rotating and translating. One thing to note when using tweeners is to be careful when using/altering the same attributes the tweener is using as it could lead to inconsistencies.



  1. Hello,
    Which one is best for use? If I want to make big MMO games, then which one is best as performance wise on mobile?

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