Find the Puppy

It’s out! After almost 2 months of development, 4 bugs reported to Unity,  a broken knee, lot’s of coca-cola and the huge help of the beta testers, Find the Puppy is now available for Android through the Google Play Store here:


I also created a page for the game here. To keep the updates and game information.

This is the first game I have ever monetized, placing ads with the Unity Ads. Unfortunately it’s not perfect, so I’m going to test other ad networks until I find the most suitable one.

A big thanks to the person who gave me the original idea for the game, Fábio Souza. Also to the testers, Marcelino Moreira, Simone & Frank Rylke, Cristiano Molon, Guilherme Balbinot, Marcelo Yokoi, Rafael Zanetti, Fabricius Zatti, Carlos Petry and Professor João Ricardo Bittencourt.