About Me


Me, being bigger than Heineken.

I was born and raised in Porto Alegre, the coldest capital city in Brazil.

My first contact with computers was in school, when I joined (uninvited) the IT class, where I learned my first programming language, LOGO.

Since very little, I have always loved video games. Starting with the Atari console, the first game I remember ever playing is Bobby is Going Home then a bit later River raid.

Still in school, in the IT class, I started making games with the Klik and Play software. Unfortunately I lost all of them due to bad floppy disks.

After school I went to IT course, where I learned the programming languages C/C++, Pascal(Delphi), Java and PHP.

I graduated in Game Development at Unisinos from 2007 to 2012. Where I studied:

  • Programming, C/C++, C#, Java.
  • Game Design, gaming psychology, design patterns, design documents, script/scene design.
  • 3D modeling in Blender and Maya.
  • Graphic applications development, OpenGL and DirectX.
  • Sony Playstation pocket(PSP) programming.

During college I used Game Maker to develop game pilots. That was also used in the first game company I have worked, Hope Revolution, where we developed games for ONGs.

From that company, Learn4Fun was created, a spin-off where we developed medical games with Unity 3D.

I started using Unity 3D in 2009, in its early versions. Since then I have been using it to create small personal games and entertainment apps.

After college, I left the Game Industry to join SAP as a support consultant. Where I worked until 2015.

I have left SAP and Brazil in later 2015 and I’m now living in Scotland.

Currently working on Fallen Sword Mobile conversion from Browser to IOS and Android.

Contact: mail@fernandovanin.co.uk


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