Target Practice + VR

Target Practice is a simple game to hit targets with cannon balls, from the turret in the center of the screen.

The player can choose between Arcade or Time Attack modes.

In Arcade mode, the player have a limited time each level to make all targets disabled at the same time.

Time Attack mode requires the player to hit down 12 targets for each level, gaining time with each target disabled.

Both game modes ends when the time runs out.

The original idea for the game was based on the target practice level from Little Big Adventure 2 (rights to Electronic Arts Europe).

It can be downloaded, for Android, at Google Play at

You can play the WebGL version here. Please mind WebGL is still early and might not work on all browsers. Last working version tested with FireFox 44.0.2 and Chrome  48.0.2564.116.


You can also play with the Google Cardboard VR mode.


You can download the dedicated VR version on Google Play at



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